James Go see, Los Angeles 2019

Brit James Yates From Heroes Models NY came by for a quick Go see. Got along well so we took Some quick Snaps that Turned out pretty fire…

Calvin Royal III, Newport California 2018

When i saw the very Amusing ABT Soloist Calvin Royal III Was Coming to Perform in Los Angeles, We got in touch to do Something Together immediately. Ballet dancers schedules are though so here is what We got to Create in probably less than 2 hours Freezing on the Beach of Newport on the day of the Red moon.

Adrian and Veronika, NYC

Iago In Rio, 2018

España, 2018

Trough my travels in Europe i found this Crazy Medieval Castle from the XIV Century, so I decided to Plan a Shoot inspired on what we all by now must know is my ultimate Fantasy, a Love Relationship between 3, for my Upcoming Book project. As usual i like to make a Story with the outtakes, so here i Share this very Special one Featuring Friends and Muses Klau, josh and Pavel.

Benjamin, London

Minerva Portillo, Salinas de Valencia

Harry London

Alyssa, Amalfi Coast