Self Portraits, "Feeling Rome" 2018

I believe in cycles, Cycles of self expression. I believe that we go trough different faces in our life that change the approach on how we project ourselves, our art, our style, even our bodies. 

People talks about freedom and how that has changed for good. I think the opposite is happened, thanks to the easy accesibility to everything, people are more bored than ever they need names and Categories for everything, they get offended by sport, they also fear reality, yet our inner self still craves ecstasy, true excitement, real human connection, deep and challenging situations and conversations.

For this reasons we are on the edge of existing to only experience a basic and shallow living. But this is still our choice.

I personally, reject being a part of that system. No Social red or society believe will manage me. I’m perfectly, beautifully and naturally unmanageable, I respond to my instincts, and I invite you to try it sometime, it might just change your life.